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Can you tell I am sort of into making these collaged people lately?  I used to collage in college, and the figure drawing classes were my favorite.  The human body is such an amazing design–all of us are so beautiful.  The way God put muscle, sinew, and bones together and how they move fascinates me.  And then how the skin and other details that make us unique just make it that much more fabulous.  I adore people watching.

But I digress…as usual…this is from a song:  Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redmond.

I looked back at the beginning of the blog.  Wow, has it changed.  I originally thought I wouldn’t have enough art, I would share recipes and crafts, homeschooling, other artists, etc.  I never thought it would morph into this.  But I like what it has become.    And that is God’s work.  I started journaling because God told me to.  I started the blog because He said it was time to share.  He was right, people come to the Etsy store and here for the faith artwork primarily.  For the words that He helps me breathe out in praise of Him.  As I accepted more of His grace for my shortcomings and handed it over to Him, I am noticing how He fills me.

Because, really, I have always been breathing in that grace, and praising Him.  Even in the depths of depression I called God close.  I just needed to pull the scales from my eyes and see what Jesus was doing in my life and follow what He had planned for me.  Apparently there is more than one way for Jesus to make the blind see.  Sometimes we are all blind to Him.  We just need to wipe away the mud, breathe in His grace and then be urgent in our gratitude and praise of God’s work.

This blog, this ministry, was not what I planned.  But it is so much more.

What do you have in your life that the scales need to be pulled away from?  Maybe you too have a plan, but it’s not working.  How can you wipe away that mud to get a clearer picture of where God is leading you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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