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Friday night’s speakers continued with Rebekah Lyons, and boy, did she call us out.  These women were on FIRE.  Her message started by calling us to revival–it has been over a hundred years since that has happened in a big way here in the U.S.  Our nation has a lot of idols and is turning away from putting God first.  I look at so many people who are searching for the next big, new thing–when really they just need that hole inside filled with the love and peace of Jesus to feel whole.  To realize that THEY are the next, big, new thing.  

Her message was a call to action as Christians in a big way.  It is time to confess that we are not perfect just because we are Christians, to let go of the past and the sin that has happened, and to let go of the righteousness.  It is time to stop being safe and to step out in faith and share.  It is time for each of us to be the ministers and to stand strong in the spirit to point the way back to Jesus.

I am telling you it was POWERFUL stuff.  I was crying like a baby.  And this is only half way into the first night!  I started seeing my past, my now, and my future in a different light.  I started seeing my faith in those different seasons in a new way.  Because we all go through different seasons.  I know my faith was different as a child, as a high-schooler, as a college student, as a dink (dual income no kids), as a new mama, through moves, through our crazy stint here in Illinois that has brought me to now.

But the main message I got was YES I CAN.  I can do this.  I can revive my own faith in a bigger, deeper way this year.  I can obey what God has intended for me.  He has given me unique talents.  I can share it with others without bleeding myself dry (more on that later this week). I am safe, I am enough, and I am willing to pay the price to be whole in Christ.

I pray for all of you that you will be a part of a revival.  That you will know that you are safe, enough, talented, and called to share that wonderful news with everyone.  In big or little ways we can change our worlds.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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