Celebrate and Nourish Creation



We live in such a beautifully designed amazing world.  I am always overcome by the simplicity of its beauty and yet it is all so intricately sophisticated.  Each thing has a purpose, from the mosquito to the mountains, each thing is needed in our chain of life.  He connected every single thing.  I love the ancient Native American belief that God’s spirit is in all things of nature.  Because, to me, He is.  God’s thumbprint is everywhere.  When we stop to look at the rocks, the minerals, the bark of the trees, the feathers of a bird, the dense fur of a mammal, the infitite colors of a flower, the wispiness of a cloud, the rays of the sun pouring down on us–  How can you NOT think of God?  How can you not be filled with His Spirit in awe of His power?  How can you not contemplate the wonder of our own person? The body, the brain, the personality, the soul!   It is worthy of being grateful.  It is worthy of celebration.  It is worthy of being cherished.

From the mountains, to your very own body and soul–notice, celebrate, nourish and cherish.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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