Strong Hot Water



I am feeling healthy!  yay!  But I am way behind in everything.  Taking off ten days at a time can do that to you.  All sorts of things slipped and are in disarray:  the house, our schedule, our eating.  How I handle the current situation will be an indicator of how strong I am.  There are many seasons in our life that test us.  Some last a very long time, some are just short–but they all evaluate us.  Woman or man.

I have been going back through my notes from the IF conference again.  It was so impactful that I can see myself regarding it often in the future.  Each speaker really got into my heart and pushed me to evaluate this season:  my faith and my word for the year..OBEY..and why I chose that word for this year.

In some ways, I feel like I am in hot water right now.  I am at a crossroads with my faith.  In those notes  I likened my relationship with Christ to a marriage:  we are like high school sweethearts who were on an extended honeymoon.  We went through some beginning rough patches, as all marriages do, but were able to survive and sustain.  Then we got to that stage where you have little kids and life gets in the way…the marriage is strong, but taken for granted, not really fed.  You forget to go on date nights, to say the little words of love, to do the hard warrior stuff  that will keep the fire hot.  And in all reality…its pretty darn hard to keep a bonfire going all the time because it burns out faster.  That tea analogy up there:  when I let the kettle boil too long the water eventually all evaporates and I have to refill the kettle.  But if I let the kettle just simmer, the water is always there…but it is not hot enough to brew a good cup of tea.

Have you ever been in that place with your faith?  I have let mine simmer for a long time.  But it is time to kick up the flame and let it burn brightly again, strong enough to do some amazing things. Time to let go of some control, OBEY, and do battle for my marriage with Christ.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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