I’m just going to post it

I found this quote last fall sometime, and at the time I found it sort of funny.  Then more and more people around me received cancer diagnoses and we had too many funerals in December, too many marriages dissolving– and it didn’t seem appropriate.  But this morning, I am looking at it in a different light.  From True at First Light, Ernest Hemingway:



I post it now, because I am so inspired by those who are living every moment, who are pushing their lives to the very nth degree to get the absolute most out of it, who are letting their courage lead them no matter the outcomes.  They are taking THIS LIFE that God created for them and squeezing as much joy and peace out of it as they can.  Bravo.

I think of other people I know, who are living without fun.  They are stuck in a rut of bitterness, lost in a vacuum of pain, and in many ways they are dead to the world right now.  There is no twinkle in their eye, there is no laughter.  Their faces are stained with frowns and tears.  Yuck.  I’ve been there…those dark days of depression certainly are not fun and it is no wonder they are a spiral toward death.  Double yuck.

I want to walk this life with JOY, in FUN.  I want to laugh at the antics of my children, delight in God’s creation, walk in the hope that this life is meant to be beautiful and will only end with the blessing my faith provides.

I will choose fun, life, and joy.  I hope that you are able to as well.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.



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