Not too be ignored

I am finally getting my brain back!  For too long it felt like this:

too many tabs open


It is hard to manage everything going on when your brain and body  are at 50%.  Too many of the tabs were just coping with viruses and getting healthy, so some tabs were just sitting there open with no activity, and others were totally scrambled.

But I still managed to create some art!  🙂  And it gave me some time to do some deeper thinking on IF conference, my faith, where I am taking the blog, you know…all that kind of stuff.  This is one piece that came out:

not to be ignored

As I have been looking at my own faith, my own obedience, there have been a lot of instances and images at the forefront of that tab–ones of other Christians following their faith.

The ISIS martyrs.  Why is ISIS targeting Christians unless they feel threatened by what we believe?

Scientists.  Why do they feel they must prove us wrong?

New church plants coming in our area ready to share our faith.

People struggling with cancer who lean on their faith in Christ.

Even watching my new favorite show, Vikings (which has me completely captivated), I am fascinated by the early faith, church, the Norse beliefs, the curiosity of the non-believers, and the penchant to spread the gospel vs. those who sought to destroy it.

What Jesus Christ said and did is important.  It has prevailed and expanded for a reason.  Christians cannot be ignored.  By trying to fight us and quiet us, anyone who opposes Christianity is giving more credence to what we believe in.  If Christianity is not the only way to salvation, if it is not the religion that teaches the most love, acceptance, and grace why would they need to defeat it?

Christians for centuries have attested to the fact that our God is strong, our God is the one true God, and  He is not to be ignored.  We are not to be ignored.  Our faith will prevail.  We matter.  We cannot be silenced.

It is time to close the other tabs and to focus on faith.




Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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