reveal the soft spots

rub off the callouses of my heart

Here’s the thing, if we are going to actually grow, the first step has to be admitting that we need to grow.  Right?  Whether it be growing stronger roots and self or reaching out and stretching our branches, the first step is always confessing there is a need.

How would AA say it? “Hello, I am Nicole, and I am a lazy Christian.  I have hardened my heart thinking I had it all together, that I had it all figured out, staying in my comfort zone.  Only to realize that I am addicted to my own beliefs and have not given my all to my Savior.  I have compared my faith to the faith of others.  I have closed off my soul to new possiblilities because I stayed comfortable and did not let my soul grow.”

Talk about rubbing off the callouses and being vulnerable!  That was kind of like the Chinese lady at the pedicure shop using a sandblaster on my heels.  OUCH!

But, ooo, the soft skin underneath is so sweet.  So fresh.  So ready to soak up all sorts of oils and balms that will soothe me to my very core.  It feels good to be revealed.  To be vulnerable and to know it can only get better from here.

How about you?  What kind of callouses do you have?  What are they hiding underneath that could come out and refresh your life and faith?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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