Prayer Works

This is another piece made with the eraser stamps.  Not only did I carve several, but Phoebe can’t stop and it was all the parents could do at art class to get their kids away from carving.  Honestly, they could care less about the stamping, I think they just liked the carving.


Prayer Works

Prayer is another way to be obedient to God, to go deeper in our relationship with Him.  There are soooo many verses about prayer, so many instances when Jesus, apostles, prophets, and other people in the Bible prayed.

This artwork makes me think about all the different ways to pray.

I made marks in the artwork with stamps, the same image over and over; sometimes a prayer that you say every day, every meal, every bedtime is what fits the situation, brings comfort, brings unity.

I added washi tape at the bottom; sometimes a prayer is what holds a group of people together, or our sense of self.  Sometimes it is what brings people together in the first place.

I pressed the white circles onto the paper with soft, cushy bubble wrap; sometimes a prayer can give us a safe place to land, a place to give up worries, and let God take care of it.

I swished bright colors all over the background with watercolor; sometimes our prayers are just talking to God in a hodge podge of information, requests, grievances, and appreciations.

Prayers can be short, long, on our knees, or just walking along.  What is important is that we pray, that we know our Savior is listening and working for our ultimate good.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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