Clothed in Spirit


1 Peter 3:4 Clothed in Spirit


This is why we are complete on our own.  God created us with this amazing gentle and quiet spirit deep inside ourselves.  He created us to be precious to Him.  We are a pure vessel to Him, clothed in white-a bride to His bridegroom.  Our faith in Him complements every aspect of that soul.  Our prayers are beautiful conversation to Him, insight into our precious, fragile souls.  Here we can be pride-full; proud of the creation He made each of us, of how beautiful it is, of how amazing we each are in our uniqueness.  It is our souls that are perfect, beautiful, and wonder filled.  What a gift He has given us.  What a job we have to complement that soul with an equally beautiful life that is obedient to him in gratitude.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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