God So loves each of us


God So Loved the World John 3:16

It is Good Friday.  The day that we remember the crucifixion of Christ.  The day God proved just how much He loved each of us, despite the dark moments, despite the weirdness, despite all of our cracks and need for grace.  He loves us whether we have unwrapped our talents, and whether we have unwrapped His gift of love and grace.  He loves us.  He has complete faith in us.  He forgives us.  He wants us. Each and every one.

God loves us so much that He gave up His own son so that He can keep all of His children with him in heaven.  We are eternally HIS.  Jesus carried the weight of all those sins, and hung there dying, to give us life.

Today we remember Jesus’ act of complete and total obedience.  We observe the enormity of His sacrifice, and offer our thanks that He thought of each of us.  And today we can pledge to honor that gift to the full extent it deserves.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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