Tears to Sunshine


God Turns our Tears To Sunshine


I cry a lot.  All kinds of tears, all kinds of situations.  I always say that my emotions and the Spirit are just too much to be contained and they must spill out of my eyes.  The tears need a place to go.  I feel the salt of the tears, which reminds me everything needs seasoning, to be truly worth consuming. I want a life that is well seasoned and worthy of consuming.  And a good cry always feels good–I feel a weight lifted, a cleansing, a life consumed.

God promised a lightness, a cleansing, a life worthy of living.  He promised so many prophets and kings in the Old Testament that He would make a new covenant with HIS people.  He would be there, He would save us, He would redeem us, He would wipe away our tears and hold us close–all those who believe in the might and power of a one true Lord.  He sent Jesus to be the Christ, to be the Messiah, to BE that new promise.  That Light of the world that will sparkle on our tears and turn them into rainbows. Jesus Christ holds us through the bad times, He shelters us, and carries us to a promised land.

This Easter let us proclaim the name of Jesus: who carried out years of promises and prophecies.  Who lived His life in service and teaching, that we, 2000 years later would be able to celebrate His life and death.  I have a feeling the joy and amazingness of this promise realized will spill out of my eyes on Easter morning.  But they will be colorful tears, radiating the power of my Savior in my life.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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