Power of God Romans 1:16


Romans 1:16 Power of Salvation by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Sometimes, I wonder what the heck I am doing, blogging about my faith.  I don’t have a background in theology or anything.  I am an artist, the power of God shows up in my art, and then I just write about the art.  Right?

Well, kind of.  Except, I feel like the power of God can show up in my writing, too.  I feel like it is powerful to know the heart of other believers.  To share that I am no perfect person, just your average Christ follower trying my best everyday to live out the gospel.  To know that there are other people out there, feeling the same, who leave comments that they are with me on this.

I feel like the power of God shows up here all the time.  I am not ashamed of the gospel.  I am not ashamed of my beliefs.  I am not ashamed of my salvation through Jesus Christ.  I love sharing.  I feel my faith grow the more I proclaim it.

Now, if that is not power I don’t know what is!  Only God can give that.  Only God.  And why wouldn’t everyone want that????  Forget about power in the economy or in politics.  I want power that helps save people!  The kind of power I can’t take credit for because it is so above and beyond little ole me.  And the super cool thing?  Every single one of us who believes has that power within us.  God lives in our hearts just waiting for the chances to burst out in a moment of supreme power that only He can drive.

Yes, that power.  Oh, that kool-aid Jesus gives, that powerful gospel of salvation, that which we drink is filled with power.

So, yes, I have no pedigree to my faith.  But I will continue to share based on the power of the gospel.  Let’s all do it.  Let’s all share the gospel today, and every day.  Let the earth see God’s power through us.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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