The power of a Sunrise or Sunset


God’s power in sunsets and sunrise by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Have you ever been affected by the power of a sunrise or sunset?  And I don’t just mean blinded while driving.  But emotionally affected.  I cannot help but think of God and His army of angels every time I look at a sunrise or sunset.  I especially love when there are beams of light that skim through cracks in the clouds–laser beams of love coming down to touch His earth.  I love all the many colors, how the clouds shape the colors, how they reflect on water and the ground.  How they stretch across the horizon, hugging God’s creation awake and to sleep.  And with the rise and set of the sun He promises a new day, a new chance, a new opportunity to believe in a powerful God.

Sunrises and Sunsets must be powerful, otherwise we wouldn’t try to capture them so much.  Through out history people have carefully chosen words to try and describe their beauty and awe inspiring quality.  Artists have tried to put it on paper.  Lovers have used it to mark special occasions.  People mark days by them.  God chose to show His power in sunrises and sunsets to keep our attention. Everyday we look for another one.  Everyday we watch for His promise that He has continued creation.  That He still loves us enough to give Earth and humans another day.  It is like a flash of the gospel everyday.

How do sunrises and sunsets affect you?  Which do you like best?



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