John 8:7 Cast the First Stone


John 8:7 Cast the First Stone by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

These stones are like another inukshuk–more of a stack, than a path.  I like the way the dictionary page added the texture and some of the shading.  I like the way the stones are stacked, how the white holds them together and keeps them from falling–an invisible glue of faith.

And yet it could be easy to separate them.  It could be so easy to grab one off the stack and chuck it as hard as possible at the first available target.  Because, you know–you just get so upset you want to throw something.

Sometimes that target is other people.  They can make us so mad!  Can’t they?  Well, at least me. I hate being judgemental, and yet, my brain instantly comes to conclusions about people and situations.

Sometimes the target is even worse:  myself.  I throw way too many stones at that target.  Guilt, shame, perfectionism–oooo,weee, it’s like setting up a catapult or baseball pitching machine in my brain.  All day, every day.  And really, that is no less of a sin.

Jesus taught that we cannot cast the first stone.  That we have just as much sin as the next person.  That we must look at our self and our own faults first.  Jesus is willing to accept us and our sins, and we should be willing to give that same grace.  To others.  And to ourselves.

He wants us to keep our stack of stones in our own hands, keep it glued together with faith–the faith that He will get rid of the stack of stones when the time is right.  He will take them all, and save us from our own faults, and from the sin of judging.  That our God, our Christ, will be the target.  He will not let the catapult of stones hit us, wear us down, or destroy us.





Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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