Stones Surrounded in Fruits of Sweetness


Colossians 1:10 Fruit of Good Work


I have other new stone pieces I have been working on this week, because of course I was inspired.  But for today I want to share another piece I did way back last summer.  And it still has stones, they are just hidden–luckily this time they are surrounded in sweetness.

We do work hard and we do grow in knowledge in our God.  But sometimes the fruit can seem like they aren’t worth it.  Have you ever picked cherries?  It is a lot of work.  My parents had two sour cherry trees and I would go each summer and pick all of the cherries.  It would take all day, it would be sticky, it could be hot.  Some years the birds got all of the good fruit.  Some years I didn’t get there soon enough and they were overripe on the tree.  Some the cherries were gorgeous, only to discover they were mostly stone and little fruit.

And then there were some truly amazing years when they were huge, juicy, plump, bright red beauties.  The work would be quiet, peaceful, meditative almost.  The wind in the trees would be soft and cooling.  The birds would sing to me, I to them, and the bugs would stay away.  I would fill bucket after bucket on a beautiful sunny day dreaming of the pies, jams, and wine we would be able to make.  The colors were so vibrant one year I snapped these pictures.  The first one is the background on my phone.


Are you still following my symbolism and metaphors?  🙂

Sometimes we put in a lot of work and faith, and it feels like it is all for naught. I think of the Israelites roaming the desert for 40 years living on manna.  I think of the prophets and apostles who taught diligently to deaf ears.  I think of current day believers trying their best to spread the word, to be a light to others, to bear beautiful fruit that others will want to keep.  And all they find is stones.  All they encounter is people with stones for hearts, who are all to willing to throw that first pebble or boulder at whoever is first in sight.  All they see ahead are rocky paths that don’t seem to have an end.

But we are always rewarded at some point with a bounty.  When we lead lives that are worthy, our God will come through, at some point.  He will.  He always does.  He will give us our bright red cherry on top.  Wait for it to be ripe.  Wait for that bright, gorgeous day.  Wait, and the birds will sing, and you to them, of the awesomeness of our God.

Of the fruits of your labor, faith, and love.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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