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Stay Connected By Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Sorry I missed posting this by morning.

I was getting organized and spent more time on that and didn’t leave time to post!  Now that I have wrapped my head around committing to making nicplynel bigger, I decided I needed to take the business side a little more seriously.  Soooo, I bought an ORGANIZER!  That is always the first step, right?  I do love a good binder!  (I also made up a binder to get all the kid stuff under control as well.)  So I spent three days synchronizing calendars.  And I went through my art and planned the series and order for the next three months.  Sometimes being three months ahead in art is good, sometimes not…especially when I have new ones I REALLY want to share!  Next, I actually have to look at the finance end–eek.  Not my strong point.  Etsy keeps me in the black–but you know…that is about all I know.  And I need to make some technology upgrades, so that might set me back.  I should know where I am at fiscally I suppose.  Drives my husband nuts.  I would much rather paint.

Or be connected to what matters most!  LIKE my family, my friends, my bloggy crew, my art.

It is insanely important to connect to the ones around us.  We need them, they need us.  And what better way to connect to them than through prayer?  Do you pray for them?  Do you pray with them?  Taking the time to say a prayer with my kids is so grounding.  Using a single moment in my day to send up a prayer for a loved one, makes me feel connected to them across the miles.  I write Christ’s peace as the close to all of my Etsy notes…and I pray for that person that they will be blessed.  I may never meet them, but I still feel connected.

One of the reasons I love corporate prayers during church is the synchronization of the voices.  The connection of our voices on syllables.  Feeling in synch.  Feeling connection.

God meant for us to be connected to one another.  The Bible refers to us as ONE IN CHRIST all the time.  Connection.  The Bible tells us over and over that God IS IN US.  Connection.

Take a moment now, connect with someone–through prayer for them or in prayer together.  What better way to synch your souls?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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