Woohoo! And Amen!

I am so crazy excited I cannot contain myself!  I am finally going to see Matt Maher in concert tonight with a good friend (shout out to Becki!).  He is at the top of my list of favorite Christian artists.  I am going to be yelling woohoo and amen a lot tonight!  I know I will cry.  I know I will smile.  As Becki said, it will refreshing.  So true.  I am pretty sure we will pray and connect.  Awesome.

Not sure who I am talking about?  Let me refresh your memory…here are two art pieces I have made.  You can click the image and go to the blog post and the link to the music.

IMG_0007 IMG_0005-001

No laughing if you go back to those posts. Man, my writing has come a long, long way.  What is up with a title like “my favorite song january 2014”????  Geesh.  No search engine optimization there!  No matter, I still like these art pieces and love the music.  They can stand alone.

But I digress as usual…Christian music.  Remember that story of the mustard seed from earlier this week?  I have been thinking about it in terms of music.  I listen to a lot of genres.  I never thought that the lyrics were affecting me much, until I started making a point of queing up my favorite Christian artists on Pandora.  The more I listen to those songs, the more I pray, the more connected I feel to God.  It is not that the other music influenced me to do bad things, but it didn’t encourage me to do what is right for my soul either.

And there are more and more options for different styles of music in the Christian sector as well.  I remember when I was in high school, it was pretty limited.  Plus, there wasn’t streaming, pandora, mp3s, let alone Christian rock radio stations.  We have so many more choices these days.

Now when I do switch the station to other stations I am that much more aware of the lyrics.  I don’t know if they are worse, or if I am just that much more sensitive.  But I do realize how I am affected when I listen.  It isn’t always good.

Do you listen to Christian music?  Who are your favorites?  Use Pandora?  It is my favorite way to hear new and different artists. It plays a much more diverse song list than my radio stations.  It is free to get an account online.  Start with Matt Maher and see where the rabbit hole takes you.  And see where the lyrics take you.  I guarantee it is going to be a good place.  A Woohoo and Amen place.  And we all need to be connected to that!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. susieqbue April 24, 2015 at 6:59 am #

    I hope you & Becki have an AWESOME time at the concert!!!!! His music is great!! ♥️

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