Now I am

I had to share!  Last night’s concert was everything I hoped.  Soulful, refreshing, heart filling.  First, I love Matt Maher’s music.  Second, I love loud music.  Third, it was pretty awesome to be with a whole crowd of people letting go, dancing and singing and clapping for Jesus.  Pretty darn cool.  I might need to start a savings account just for more concerts, it was so cool.  I wanted to go see him last November, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Now was the time.  I needed it right now.

There will be lots of new art inspired by Matt’s lyrics and music.  I looked through all my journals this morning, and I can’t believe it, but I have never painted “Your Grace is Enough!”  That song is very special to me, it got me through some hard times.  Maybe why I wasn’t ready to paint it before.

Now I am.

I had a God moment last night outside of the music.  One of those moments, a meeting with a person, that I had hoped for a year ago, and didn’t happen.  One of those, that of course, it spilled out of my eyes, because I was surprised and overwhelmed by God’s intervention and timing.  But I think God was saving it for when I was ready.

Now I am.  My artwork, my writing, I am ready now.  I needed a year’s growth.

Isn’t it funny how God’s time works?  He is so smart, that God.  We all have something we think should happen now, and it just isn’t happening.    Or maybe it didn’t happen.  We thought we needed something, and He decided, nope, no you don’t.  You need this.   It can be so hard to give up that control and let Him do His thing.  I have struggled with it.

And now, I am.  I am letting go and letting him have it.

And the more I do, the better His stuff gets.  Way better than what I had planned.  Because that is what is awesome about God…His plans are way more than we can ever, ever imagine.

Let go with me. See what Jesus has planned for you.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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