Nourish the Cravings


You know how else I create?  I nourish my cravings for God, for time to hear Him and be close to Him.  I nourish my cravings for art.  I sit down and make sure I take the time to do what my body needs to do.  I carve out time.  I make conscious decisions–am I craving someone else’s life or my own?  Sometimes, to be honest I am wanting an out, so I turn on the tv for a bit, surf Pinterest, or more likely I pick up a novel.  But most of the time, I know that what will really satisfy me will happen in my studio.

I start with one of these:


These are my favorite sources to go to God:  my Bible (Oxford NIV or Message), my old school Lutheran worship hymnal (I love reading the prayers and old hymn lyrics), Christ in Our Home (Augsburg Fortress) devotional,  Daily Walk through Proverbs, Simple Abundance (Sarah Ban Breathnach), Jesus Calling (Sarah Young), or Multiply (Francis Chan).  Do you have any favorites?

Sometimes I need some art inspiration so I peruse some of these.


Words and images stave off the hunger, they are a good appetizer, but for me the main entree is painting in prayer and worship to God.

What do you crave?  Is it something that brings you closer to God?  Or, do you ignore the things your spirit really needs and try to comfort it with something that only pulls you further from Jesus’ peace and grace?  Are you nourishing your soul?  Or starving it, maybe even gorging it on unhealthy things?

When you nourish your spirit with what is true and good, more goodness will result.

And then you can have dessert.  Chocolate. That is always nourishing.  🙂

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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