Becoming a Mama

What better time than the week before Mother’s day to celebrate bringing babies into the world?  I have been working on several pieces over the past year for my friend Kerri.  She is an amazing birth instructor (shameless plug…hit her website and see all she has to offer at and she also works with mamas through Will County Pregnancy Resource Center (shout out to my folks there!).  And there is the Journey Hub in Frankfort (shout out to those girls!).   This week is dedicated to them, and the amazing work they all do.

But it is also for any and all mamas.  Those of us deep in the potty training trenches, those of us driving our buses–cars I mean, those with empty nests, those lovin’ on grandbabies.  Those who adopt kiddos into their homes here, those who adopt kids through charities that they will never meet.  Those waiting to be mamas.  Those mamas to new Christians.  Yep, they are important, too.


New life!  Isn’t it the most amazing thing!?  Babies are just crazy!  I love ’em.  Can’t get enough of ’em.  I love me some prego bellies.  (Never want to do it again myself, thank you.)  I love all kinds of babies–even of the animal sort.  On our spring walk today we saw a retention pond with HUNDREDS of tadpoles.  They were so cool!  The way God designed babies and how we all develop is just amazing to me.  So incredibly powerful.  And the ways mamas do it.  Wow, the instincts for it are unbelievable.  It is not easy.  It is not easy to make new life, to bring it into the world, to trust our instincts, to see it through.  But man is it beautiful and worth it!

God created females to do this special thing–to mother.  He trusted US.  He uses us to bring new life–whether it is brand new  mini people, or ushering a person of any age and size into new life with Christ.  He gave us this special job.

You know what is beautiful?  Mamas.  Not just the job of getting them here, not just the job of moving them along.  But the women.  YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.  I have never seen a mama look at her baby, no matter how old, and not thought to myself, that, that right there is gorgeous.  Even when the mama is crazy mad–it is still a special look only for that child that is perfect.

So yes, this week, we shall celebrate.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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