Keeping it in Perspective

I made this one for mamas in that last trimester of pregnancy.  But really, it is extremely relevant to motherhood in general–even if you aren’t anywhere near pregnant read to the end of the post!


Keep in in Perspective by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I saw a photo reference for this piece and it brought back memories and I knew I had to paint it.  I was a humongous prego lady…I carried my babies out front.  And I ate like crazy, so I got big, the baby got big. It was all I could do to see my toes by the end, but they were painted delicious bright colors.  And I would ask, “Do I have on matching shoes? ”

Then, they turned three.  And I remember looking down at the floor at the mess at my feet.  And reminding myself, “This too shall pass.  They will only be this little for awhile.”

Then they turned ten. And I looked at the floor, still saw a mess, then looked up to God and asked, “When, when God?  When will this get easier?  How do I train these little monsters?”

And each time, I would call my mom.  Get her advice (she is awesome).  And always she would help me put it all in perspective.  She would remind me of my own capabilities.  That I could do this.  She would remind of the ultimate goal:  raising kids to be loving and independent.  Raising them to know God.  THOSE ARE THE GOALS.  Not a clean house, not perfect meals, not wonderful vacations, not exceptional students, blah, blah, blah.


And Jesus teaches us, the greatest of these is LOVE.  That is our goal.  From the very begininng, from the moment we accept being mamas, no matter who we mother, no matter the season, our goal is to love.

Keep it in perspective.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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