Shift into Being a Mama


A Mama is Born by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

We are really, really good as a society/culture/humankind at celebrating the baby.  But what about the mama?  I remember that first baby.  All the parties and presents, calls, food, etc.  And I remember the third baby.  It was a little different.  But more so, I remember the changes for ME.  Yeah, that kid is cute, and yeah she is doing some fun things.  But I was doing some pretty crazy changing.  Most mamas do.

We weren’t mamas before.  Just like graduating from high school, or getting married, this is a huge life conversion!  Our sense of independence shifts.  Our sense of self shifts.  Our sense of purpose and hierarchy shifts.  Until you have a child, whether birthed or adopted or just chosen, you don’t get it.  And with every subsequent child it shifts again.  Our mind and our hearts, our capacity to give and love, and sacrifice, oh my, reaches a whole new level we never thought capable.

We need to celebrate that in women!  That amazing capacity to do what we need to do, that ability to shift with the seasons of life, that proficiency for loving to the utmost magnitude.  Not just one day a year, but all the time.

Today, find a mama.  Congratulate her on being new.  On being herself as a mama.  For making the conversion, the shift.  For being brave enough to let the shift happen.  For embracing it.  For growing with it.  For doing it well.  Find her in a store, in church, on the sidewalk, at work, wherever.  Find her.

Congrats on being a mama to all my ladies here!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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