Believed the Fulfillment

Double dose of this verse today.  One I completed this winter, one I just finished for a custom request client.  Quite different.


   Luke1:45 Blessed is She/Flowers by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Luke 1:45 custom original artwork by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

This is what I love about the Bible.  The verse is actually about the virgin Mary, and the verses continue in the Magnificat.  But the words apply to us all today.  The Living Word of God–continually speaking to His people.  In new ways, in new applications each and every day.  In different meanings to each of His people.  Some will take it literally, some will look at it as the promise of eternal love and grace.  All will be right, right in that moment for what God needs to say to each of us.

As mamas, as women, we are given the opportunity to love with our words and promises.  Will we choose to take things literally?  Or will we look at the big picture?  God teaches us that we need to do both.  It is the discernment that is so very important.  He parents us in both ways, we must follow His lead.  He speaks to us, we speak to His babies as well.  He will bless us when we believe that His teachings are enough.  He will bless us when we fulfill Jesus’ commandment to do everything in love.

He will bless us as mamas.  We can believe in the fulfillment of that promise. Happy Mother’s Day!

One more photo to share just for fun:  I painted the custom piece from this photo I took last year of a robin nest right outside my front door in our lilac bush.  She was the proudest mama:  of her nest handiwork, of her eggs, of her song.  I enjoyed her so much.  She decided to build somewhere else this year (probably smart–eye level for kids at a front door was poor planning).  But she made an impact on me and my family.  I am thankful for her.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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