Breathe in Deeply My Sweets


Breathe in Deeply by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I told all of you that my big news also came with a crazy story.

I visited my wonderful sister in Ohio this weekend, and it was so good to see her!  But I arrived with a serious stomach bug.  Truly.  Half way there (200 miles in) I started feeling nauseous.  Really nauseous.  And within an hour of my arrival I was full on viral, food poisoning, sick.  My poor sister.  I was there to attend a dance recital and watch her and her three kids dance.  The last thing she needed was me there in full sickness mode.

I stayed home Friday evening with her youngest and my two.  I turned on the tv for them, snuggled on a couch with clear paths leading from it, and tried to distract myself with emails and Facebook.  Low and behold there was an inquiry email from Leslie!  So in between flashes of illness, I was encountering a God whisper!

I wanted to just smirk up at God, and ask Him, “Really?  You do have a sense of humor don’t you?  I feel awful right now, I am not even at home, and right now is when you want me to look into this? Now?!  This should come when I can do a happy dance!  When I am near a computer so I can do this full on, not my phone, which I can barely type full sentences on.”

I am telling you.  We never know when Jesus will decide to show up!  This is why our hearts MUST be open and our ears ready to listen, our mouths shut and our arms ready to embrace.

So.  I took a deep deep breath.  Another deeper one.  And I perused the Bible Stories from the Heart sites.  And I took another deep breath and contacted Leslie.  And I took another deep breath, and prayed that this was the correct answer to God’s whispers.

Saturday was busy (recital and of course my two kids got sick).  Sunday night I returned home, feeling much better and checked my email.  And did my happy dance.

This is going to be wonderful!  All in God’s time.

Have you been waiting for His whispers and answers?  It can be so hard to wait and listen.  It can be so hard to take His advice and let go to do His will.  It can be draining fighting all by ourselves, and fighting His plan.  But when we breathe in His grace, love, peace, mercy, and wisdom–it is the cleanest, brightest, breath ever.  It fills not just your lungs, but instantly travels your whole system.  Breaths of surrender to His plan.  And your whole body is lifted and lighter.


I can’t wait to have you breathe in deeply with Leslie and I!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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