A Quilt of Good Intentions



Do you ever feel like this?

The patches of fabric are all of my interests, talents, duties, family, friends–all the things that make me ME.  And woven into the fabric is my own confidence.  But there are also threads of doubts and low confidence that make me question whether the fabric will hold together.

The seams are all of the intentions–the constant trying and effort to keep it all together.  Some seams are strong, I have no worries that those will hold for my lifetime.  Others are loose.  Others have snags, and might come undone at any moment.

And what makes a quilt the best is the layers–the top of patchwork, the filling that gives it warmth, and the single back pieces that is the base for it all.  Faith is my base.  Always there holding it together.

But the great thing about quilts is they can be mended and patched, and washed to keep them going.  The sooner you fix the issues the better.  BUT, it still does its job even in a lesser state.  It still brings warmth and comfort.  We are the same.  When our intentions are good, when they are filled with love and kindness, with grace and peace–we flourish.  No matter what state we are in, we bring warmth and comfort to those around us, we are worthy.  Worthy of the love that comes back to us, and given from God.

The Quiltmaker's Gift  -     By: Jeff Brumbeau<br />
    Illustrated By: Gail de Marcken<br />
Ever read this book?  It is gorgeous–illustrations and stories.  It is all about an older woman who makes and gives away quilts.  The king in the land tries to buy one from her, but she makes him give away everything he owns before he can have one.  It teaches an absolutely beautiful lesson.

Like quilts?  Jeff’s aunt, Linda Nelson Johnson, makes amazing art quilts.  Here are just a few of them.  If you pop over to her site at www.lindanelsonjohnson.com you can see more–and if you quilt yourself or are a fabric junkie, she hand dyes the most delicious fabrics.  You have to see them!

Iowa MadeThis We’ll Defend: 3768 3081

Autumn Colors   The Promise

And these are created by a wonderful woman, Vicki Swenson.   I immediately recognized her as a kindred spirit–let’s just say I was supposed to stop by for a few minutes and I stayed two/three hours. 🙂 I met her last summer when she made the most beautiful quilt for me out of a top that I patched together years ago that was no where near perfect. But her talent made it into my favorite warm spot in the house.  Here is some of her amazing design and quilting work:



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