Ya Can’t Use Up Creativity


You Can’t Use Up Creativity/Maya Angelou by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

This is how I operate.  The more I paint, the more I write, the more it flows.  It just keeps comin’ and a comin’.  Sometimes, I won’t get a few days to paint and I will get so cranky!  And I think, “Oh it has dried up!  I am all out, empty.  I can’t come up with another single thing.”  And then I sit down, start doodlin’ and before I know it a morning has passed and I have a pile of stuff started.

God proves this is true, He sets an example of this all the time.  I am so often truly amazed, dumbfounded, electrified by the sheer magnitude of His creativity.  From the DNA that makes our core, to the clouds in the sky, to the infinite colors flashing on a fish, to the delicate petals of a flower, to the speckles of a pebble, to the majesty of a mountain.  He is is the ultimate creative soul.  He is the great innovator of all time.  He is the one who inspires us all to be more, see more, experience more.

Let’s pray today:

Thank you God for this amazing world you created, that you designed and formed from the beginning of time–that you continue to shape in each and every moment.  I often wonder if you sit back with satisfaction and enjoy your galaxies.  Help us to remember to take the time to appreciate all your work, forgive us for when we take it for granted. We thank  you for inspiring us to use the creativity you knit into our very DNA–to worship and glorify your name in the ways you created us uniquely to do.  We pray that you will lead us to recognize our gifts and to trust you that you have a plan for those gifts at the right moment that only YOU have planned.  Lord, you are.  You simply ARE, and we are so very amazed by YOU.

In Jesus’ name–all God’s people say…AMEN!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Get out there and enjoy some creativity!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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