No Greater Gift John 15:13


John 15:13 No Greater Love by Nicole Plymesser Nelson


A huge thank you goes out today to all the veterans, policemen, firemen, anyone in service our country.  I also remember all those who have been missionaries who have laid down their life to spread the gospel.

We are so blessed people.  Truly truly blessed.  In our country we have so many freedoms.  The more I read about people who are oppressed, the more I consider how amazing it is that I am free to create my art.  There are regimes in place that do not see how necessary the arts are.  I consider how amazing that I am able to write my own thoughts and opinions in a public forum–and especially that they are centered on my faith.  That I am able to share Jesus’s teachings freely.  That I live next door to people of other faiths and opinions and they can equally share their thoughts.

I think through history of all the people who have laid down their lives.  For those who mourned those who gave up the ultimate sacrifice.  They fill my thoughts and prayers this Memorial Day.

I am thankful.  So very very grateful. Their gift is not forgotten.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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