Miracles of Great Love


Great Love Miracles by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

One quick reminder!  Have you been to Bible Stories from the Heart Bible study of Exodus?  At least check out the website and facebook page please!  I am going to be creating different art for over there and tutorials on how I create them.  Abbie and Leslie have all sorts of plans to help us go deeper in study and share with people from all over, in our own time.  The link is in the sidebar as well.  It is definitely a small piece leading to a great thing and I would love to share it with you!  🙂

I have had some long posts this week, so I will try to keep  it short today.

Miracles:  God is awfully good at them, isn’t He?  When I think about that series of small stuff, I see miracles of His love throughout.  His love is so incredibly great, He really was with me all along working his miracles each day.

Miracles don’t have to be HUGE things.  Sometimes a miracle is just that overwhelming feeling of being alive.  Of being so insanely loved and pursued by Christ.  Of the knowledge that God created everything around us.  Of the miracle that Christ died for us, that grace is available every moment.

That is a great love.  That is a great miracle.

Don’t you think so?

Look for little miracles of great love today.  Your turn to write–leave me some comments!  Tell me about the great love you encounter. , of the miracles in your everyday.  I can’t wait to share in your miracles.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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