Give Your Exhaustion to Jesus


Give Your Exhaustion to Jesus by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Just bone tired? Full on exhausted? Like you could go on vacation, but you want to go some place not very exciting so that you can just sleep the entire time?

Ahh, summer.  When I was teaching full time in the public schools I remember I would just veg for the month of June.  Just sleep in, do some gardening, long walks, take a long nap, read a book, hang out with Jeff, go to bed early.  For two to three weeks my body just needed to soak up as much sleep as possible and my brain needed to rejuvenate.   I let those little kids just suck me dry during the school year.  After resting, I would go at the speed of light again on house projects, getting ready for the next school year, craft projects, travel, until school started again.

I’ve seen the same thing with my kids.  They just lay on the couch for a couple weeks and decompress.  Then they are ready to go.  Sometimes I want to do a long hiatus like that again.  Just time to sit, rest.  But our current way of life makes that harder.

So I give a lot more to Jesus.

Which, actually, is the better way to handle life in the first place!  Maybe if I had given more to Jesus when I was teaching instead of trying to control it all myself and going at breakneck pace, I wouldn’t have ended up so exhausted.

Because it is heavy to carry everything on our own.  God never intended for us to do this thing called life on our own.  He never planned for our lives to move so fast.  We have done that to ourselves.  And He tells us over and over in the Bible to let go of it and let Him handle it.

I am exhausted from trying to appear stronger than I am.  The artwork was my first step in admitting that a few years ago.  Step two was creating this blog and putting it out there for the public.  Step three is to truly step back, to fully admit Jesus is stronger and better at handling my life, and to let Him lead my path.  Giving Him all of my load.

It can be hard, right?  But can you do it with me?  Let’s give Him our loads and stop being exhausted.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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