All Are Welcome at the Table


Luke 15:2 All Are Welcome by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

You know the best part about giving our loads to Jesus, not just when we are exhausted– but all the time?  He welcomes it.

He welcomes all of us to His table.  No matter how great our sin, when we are willing to give up and surrender to Him, Jesus is willing to take us on.  Nothing is too big for Him.

When I came across this verse it just rang out to me.  I could just hear it, like a bunch of teens gossiping together today.  “Like, OMG!  Did you see Jesus at Starbucks with them???  What?  That is so crazy!  They are so GROSS!  I mean they don’t even use hand sanitizer, or where good brand names, or anything! Quick, instagram and hashtag it worst ever! Somebody needs to shame Jesus into not doing that anymore.  I mean, really, those people DO NOT belong here.  They need to stay in their part of town.  Nobody talk to Jesus any more.”

Pretty bad, right?  But that is basically what happened.  And how bad are we about thinking those thoughts?

Jesus didn’t just hang out with the “best” Jews and Gentiles when He came to Earth.  Nope, He liked the prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers.  You know, the ones everyone else was clamoring to invite over for dinner. Not.  But that is who He chose to minister to the most.  Many of them are the ones who made it into the Bible.  Many of them became great believers and apostles.  They needed Him the most sometimes and responded in kind.

So do we invite sinners in?  Are we willing to invite them to our own table?  Are we willing to be at our own table and admit that we are in good company?  That we sin just as much in our own ways?

And then like the many sinners in the Bible are we ready to turn our lives around and give up those sins?  To try and live a better life?  More loving, more forgiving, less judgemental more like Jesus?

The first step is to stop the thoughts like the conversation above.  Even if it is with our self inside our own head.  We have to stop.  We must try harder to welcome all.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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