You Are Needed



I don’t remember why I redid this saying.  Sometimes I will re paint one if I am not happy with the results.  But I like both of these.  Maybe God was sending me a message…

Do you ever feel unneeded?  It can be unnerving to not feel like no one wants what you have to give.  I have felt it at the beginning of our moves.  I have heard that seniors and empty nesters cope with this feeling.

And then there are other times, when we feel very needed but not wanted for our own gifts.  When the kids were really little, I was often overwhelmed by their need for me to attend to their every whim.  But at the same time, I love caring for them to this day.  I am filled with a sense of purpose, rightness, and love when I can do for them.

What do you have to give that someone needs?  And I am not talking about the over-volunteering kinds of needs that go on in our culture–the fundraising, the time-the whatever–the fulfilling of someone else’s selfishness.  Because there is a big difference people.  I am talking about your GIFTS.  What has God blessed you with as a talent that someone needs right now?

I had to discover the hard way that I need to give in my gift areas.  It is not fulfilling when it has to be taken–it is overwhelming, and stripping.  But when I focused in on giving of my favorite talents, the things that truly come from my heart–it was and is the best thing ever.  And I found people who needed me in that way.

Take a minute today to reflect–what are people taking and what are you giving?  What do they need from your heart?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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