One SMALL Positive Thought


Positive Thoughts Change the Day by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Have you ever woke up from a bad dream and it colored your whole day?  Made you cranky, nervous, uneasy.  Ever woke up with a headache?  Those are a bummer–again it can ruin the whole day.  Felt annoyed by something immediately?

But what about those other days?  The ones where you wake up from a peaceful dream and sleep.  Or start with a great Bible reading or song.  Maybe a sweet kiss and words of love from a little one.  Or a super cool piece of artwork.  (Wink, wink  heehee)  Maybe just the song of a bird, a great cup of juice or coffee, good traffic, pants that fit today.  Could be anything.

Those things leave us in a good mood for the whole day–we can come back to them and get warmth and encouragement from them every minute of that 24 hours.  Just ONE SMALL POSITIVE THOUGHT.  What if we gave ourselves permission to do that–have a positive thought or maybe even to compliment our SELF.  What if we warmed ourselves from the inside? How could that change us?  Do you think they would snowball?  Would we be willing to allow ourselves more little positive thoughts?  Would we feel the glow of them?  –And then be more likely to share that encouragement?

Hmmm.  Interesting thought.  Yes?

I now have this print on my desk–so I see it first when I come down each morning.  It helps me.  If you think it might help you, you can get prints of it here.  


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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