Giving Grace…to Me


Give Yourself Grace by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Ah.  God moments.  This is the art I decided to post a month ago.  God knew I would need it.

I had a bad reaction to something this week. LONG story, but my face, neck, and chest are covered in a bad rash and there has been some swelling.  Not sure caused by what.  I have decided to try some drastic diet changes, sleep, stress, meds, all that good stuff.  God and I are going to  start a crazy journey of obedience I think.  Never thought He would push me this direction!

So, I am going to give myself some grace and step back.  The blog is going to be very short.  I still have that monthly plan already scheduled through August.  Which means I can post art for you to enjoy.  But I may not be energized enough to write.  We shall see.

Hopefully you can give yourself a little grace–that is a positive thought, isn’t it?  Its a good feeling to know that I can give myself permission to step back.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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