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Hello!  I hope that you enjoyed the art for the last week.  I am finally starting to feel fully myself again!

The whole episode the last two weeks (rash, swelling, urgent care, ER, drug reactions, steroid and antihistimine fog)  made me really think about all sorts of re words:  revival, renewal, repair, recovery.

I feel like God has spent the last two years renewing my spirit and soul.  He and I have done some hard work fixing my brain and my heart.  Renewing my faith into a whole new, deeper relationship with Him. Restoring my laughter and joy in every day life.  Repairing relationships.

But somewhere along the lines this winter I left my body behind.  I sat down and really thought about the last time I felt HEALTHY.  And it was definitely before Christmas–January was a bout of flu, February  was a relapse that took 10 days off my life, early May I had that horrid stomach virus, and all the way in between I never completely recovered.  My system just got more and more worn down, my body in more disrepair.  I was sleeping less, and worse, my eating habits were horrible–I was turning to carbs, sugar, and caffeine more and more to try and keep our schedule.  So my brain was fogged and I started messing things up, forgetting things, becoming unorganized.  That is not me.

The episode (can you tell that is my new name for it? LOL) made me stop and really take stock.  The first step in repairing all the havoc in my body is diet–I have cut out all dairy, gluten, eggs, sugar, and anything processed.  Eating lots of beans people!  And fruit!  And drinking a ton of water and chammomile tea, because I cut out coffee and alcohol as well.  I am telling you–what I wouldn’t do for a glass of wine and chocolate anything dessert right now.  BUT–getting my body back in balance and repaired is more important than the 20 minutes I would enjoy that treat.  I am sick of being itchy!  And tired and everything else.

I have prayed fervently to God to revive my body that I can continue His service.  I realized, I can’t make art, teach classes, process orders, or illustrate anything if I don’t feel good.  God has done His part to bless my art ministry, now it is my part to take care of the tool that does the work.  I am praying He will grant me the strength to do this hard diet and changes.  There are so many temptations!  But I know Jesus will carry me with love and peace through this renewal, so that makes it easier to face this recovery.  

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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