Movin’ Forward


Isaiah 43:18 Move Forward by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Forward,  we are called to move forward.  Not backward.  Not stay stationary.

God is calling us to move forward, one foot at a time, in His love and peace.

Renewal people.  I am telling you!  ‘Tis the season me thinks to look at the resolutions we made back in January and see if we have moved forward with those.

Time to move forward with cleaning the chaff out of our lives.  Clear the weeds from the garden.  Plant new seeds.  Nurture the good ones.

Time to move around with vacations, retreats, renewal of relationships.  Moving toward better times, places, people.

We are called.  Not to keep things the same.  But to move.  Forward.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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