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John 5:8 Walk by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

So many of us are leaving on vacations this time of year.  Or have already been on one.  Or maybe you are contemplating one.  Maybe you are there already.  It is so easy when we are away from home to neglect our faith.  We are out of our regular routines, away from our churches and the communities that support our Christianity.  Jesus calls us to get up and walk, to take His gospel everywhere we can, at all times.

In this passage He is talking to a lame man who is ill.  Jesus heals him and sends him on his way.   Jesus heals him on a Sabbath and the Pharisees are outraged that he would break the law.  But Jesus proclaims that, “My father is still working, and I also am working.”

Jesus never stopped because it was going to be hard, going to be a nuisance, going to make him stand out, or make other people uncomfortable.  Why should we?  Our nation is supposed to be a place where we are FREE to openly practice our faith.  Openly free to worship and spread LOVE–not judgement–but PEACE.

So…do you take advantage of that ALL the time, in ALL places?  For example, do you visit other churches while traveling?  Do you take time to read the Bible or a devotion (maybe this blog on your mobile device hint hint)?  Do you pray before meals in restaurants?  Do you spread love and peace to the tourism workers (who deal with some pretty cranky people)?  Are you standing up, walking, and being a light?

I am going to try harder.  Some of those I do, some I don’t.  Let’s make a pact to do better at spreading Christianity is positive way no matter where we go.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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