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Scan-008From my dear cousin, Pastor Douglas Hollenbeck…

Each day brings a new set of joys and trials. We find people who need us and who we need in our lives. We find hurt feelings, strong attitudes, pride, jealousy, love, and desire. We find in each day a new challenge to make the day better than the day before. Where to start? Where to start? Let’s start where life begins and the day has its own beginning. Let’s start with Jesus Christ and His love and let our day flow from there. As we begin with Jesus we allow His forgiveness and mercy to fill our hearts as we confess our sins before Him and we receive His will for our lives and our day. Filled with Jesus and covered by His blood we are now ready to go into the world and face it. May you find Christ in the eyes of every person and know God’s will in every situation.


Isn’t that great!  Such wise words that I had to share, if you follow him on Facebook, he posts words of hope and learning all the time for his parish.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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