Doug Did it Again


Romans 10:14-15 Beautiful Feet by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

It is often funny how my cousin, Pastor Doug Hollenbeck (remember I shared this post last Tuesday from him) are often in sync.  And it is not planned at ALL.  We are posting from Chicago and Virginia.  We only communicate through Facebook.  But God connects us often.

Last week at Bible Stories from the Heart I posted some more “get to know me” type posts.  My first, I thought for a Bible study, should be about my faith.  So I published “Enduring Faith”.

Monday morning Doug posted this and the prayer:

Sharing our faith is an amazing way for us to let others get to know us. When we share our faith in Jesus Christ with others we are inviting them into our lives and into a world full of blessings. When is the last time that you invited someone into your life and shared with them your faith?
Pray with me today:
Lord God shine your light of love and life within me. Place me where I can do the best for you Father God and where I can serve your will. Bring people into my life that I can share your faith that is growing in me and my love for you, for your Son Jesus, and for the Holy Spirit. As you have invited me into your life let me invite others into mine that they may know and love you too. Amen.

AMEN!  And that is why I paint, and blog, and sell my artwork.  That is why I share the blessings God is giving this ministry.  AND I think that is WHY God is blessing the ministry of nicplynel.  Thank you for being here!

I love you all, my family in Christ!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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