Lord Let Me Be Like a Tree

One more guest post!  As soon as I had Kerri’s post on song and worship scheduled and all ready to go, she published Let Me Be Like A Tree on the Alpha site.  It is outstanding.  As I was reading it this image formed in my head and I knew I had to link up to it.  Click on any of the links to read it in entirety, you really must.


Let Me Be a Tree by Nicole Plymesser Nelson


An excerpt from the end of the post:

Lord, make me a tree. Feed my roots so they burrow deep down and ground me. Shine your light on my branches and leaves and let it filter down into these precious children that sit beside me. Allow the shade You ultimately provide to shelter my family and help these seedlings grow.

Lord, make me a tree.

Well said dear friend!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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