Speaking Praise


Psalm 145:21 My Mouth will Praise by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

I have so very much to praise God for these days!  Last week was an absolute whirlwind of art activity, speaking, praising, teaching, selling, God promoting craziness I tell you!  Each day this week I am going to share a piece of what happened.

I traveled to Atlanta.  Leslie Eaton and I promoted Bible Stories from the Heart all weekend and were on a wonderful Christian show.  Yves McKenzie was the best host!  He made it so easy and comfortable.  We talked about our interactive study, how it came about, how it is growing, and how it can bless people with a different approach of studying the Bible with art.

We had the best time…and the producer must have thought so too…because she is connecting us with the president of their station and thinks we should be on a show they produce that is syndicated around the nation.  MMMHHmmm!  Or as Yves would say, Amen!!!  I looked like a bobblehead nodding every time he said amen because I wasn’t used to all the amens.   My white girl, Lutheran, Midwest -ness came out!  I will do better next time though–holding my head still and at saying amen.  🙂

Leslie and I were both so excited that the Spirit filled our words with what we really needed to say.  We prayed that it would bless someone–even if just one.  We made some wonderful connections with other guests, the host, it was just a great experience.  I think we blessed a few people if I do say so myself.

The feelings were overwhelming this weekend; we were both on such a high of praise and energy.  It was exhausting!  But at the same time, I want to keep that feeling flowing.  So I will continue to praise God as much as I can, from the depths of my heart.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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