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Another way He blessed me and led me last week:  I met with Camille and her peers at Reformation Productions in Buford, GA.  Camille is writing a book with a really fun story and great way to praise God.  She chose me to design her logos and book cover. During the meeting we brainstormed what the feel for the book and designs really should be.  I learned so much!  About the decision making process, about her book, about designing.  It was really great.  We didn’t make any hard decisions, and that was okay.  I got so much out of the process.

I truly felt His presence through the entire process of last week.  There were so many moments when I started to feel sick to my stomach with nerves and worry.  Sometimes it was feelings of excitement and giddiness and little goosebumps would pop out on my arms.  There were moments when I was so worn out I just wanted to lay down and fall asleep.  But each time, I would close my eyes, wait a moment, take a deep breath, and it was like I could feel Jesus standing beside me, holding my hand, guiding me to the next step.

He walked straight in front of me guiding me through the process.  He knew I would be fine.  He knew He would fill me with the words and whatever else.  And I knew, I could let Him.

That feels amazing to me; to be able to trust so fully in something beyond me.  To be able to know that He is planning, and looking ahead to make sure that I draw closer to Him, if only I will follow.  For there is the kicker:  He has plans that are to bless us with His love, not necessarily to give us earthly things or what we think we need.  If I choose to follow my own path, make my own decisions and go places without God, I am negating and working against what He wants for me.  I am taking the process of growing closer to Him away.

Sometimes it is not about the big decisions, or outcomes.  Sometimes it is just about the walk with Jesus and knowing He is right there.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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