Good Lord Show Me the Way

Scan-012I love this old spiritual.  I first heard it in the movie /on the soundtrack for O Brother Where Art Thou, which is one of my favorites.  Sometimes the words of the song will just flow in my brain.

 This is the link to listen to Allison Krauss’ haunting version of Down to the River to Pray.

I have one more Atlanta story to share that uses this song, a story of how the trip almost didn’t happen, except for this song and God’s intervention.  It is kind of long, but a good one.

We thought we were dropping me off with plenty of time to make my flight on Thursday morning.  We forgot…this was O’Hare.  I ended up in this crazy line for the TSA security point.  It not only snaked through the ropes, but all the way down the ENTIRE terminal.  I stood in line for 40 minutes before I reached where the ropes were.  I was getting sick with nerves.  I stayed in line another 15 minutes and realized:  my plane was already boarding.  I was not going to get through this line and have enough time to get to my gate.  What happens if I miss this flight?  This was a cheap ticket…will they bump me?  Will I miss my meetings? Will I even make another flight?

As I had been moving through the line, I kept wondering, “Is there grace for people who didn’t get here two hours early?  Will they expedite me at some point?”  And the song started playing in the back of my head.  Good Lord, show me the way.

When I got to the ropes, no luck.  I kept following.  I got to the next point where they expedite.  I asked the agent if there was a way and she quickly replied I was not a person that could go through her.

I felt panic FILL me.  I was literally SHAKING.  I finally closed my eyes and took a deep breath and let the prayers come:  Jesus, I know you want me in Atlanta.  I feel that you need me there to do your work.  Please bless me Jesus.  Open a path, to do your will, to do your work.  Let me make this plane.  Good Lord, show me the way.

I heard the song.  I took another deep breath and opened my eyes.

I noticed the agent looking at me.  She cocked her head to the side, opened her eyes wide, and said,”  You know honey…if you ask nicely and explain, usually people will be kind and let you cut in line.”  My jaw dropped open.

I have to admit:  I do not have a lot of faith in the kindness, understanding, and willingness to let people cut in line in Chicago.  Chicagoans are SERIOUS about their lines.  They are used to them and they expect everyone to follow the rules.

But I tried it.  AND IT WORKED.  It was amazing.  Maybe it was the crazed look in my eyes, but as I asked people in groups of 5-10 at a time, they let me ahead.  I went ahead of 50 people easily.  They let me ahead all the way right up to the scanner and then the agents were wonderful and did it very quickly as they were looking at my ticket and giving me directions to my gate.

I took off RUNNING.  By this time it was 6:25 am and my flight left at 6:30.  I had five minutes to run through O’Hare to my gate.  But God made a way.  I would see groups of people ahead of me, and they either heard me coming (I was dragging my suitcase, clicking flip flops, and breathing hard) or God moved them– because they would clear to the sides and I would go right through.

I was the last person on the plane, and it was almost full.  They literally closed the doors as I got on.  I sank into my seat, panting.  And prayed thankgsiving and praise to God.

He showed me the way.




Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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