Matthew 18:20 Where Gathered by Nicole Plymesser Nelson


I will tell you what…it sure is a lot easier to take step #2–the spreading the gospel part–when more believers are gathered!  When we feel like there is someone human standing next to us backing us up.  Because, really, I know God is there with me, but still.  I like someone who can cut in on the conversation when I falter.

And not only when I falter when it comes to the great commission, but anytime, really.  Sometimes, I need a slap on the wrist–stop gossiping, watch your language, don’t worry, you have enough.  And sometimes it sure is lovely to share a hug, a prayer, and a song.

I love hanging with my Christian peeps.  With every move, five states in five years remember, I would search out a church.  Sometimes it was easy, others not so much.  All Christians are not the same.  And that is good.  But when I am hanging out on a wire–I want some birdies just like me.  🙂  That was always a great part of being Lutheran.  I knew if I could find an ELCA or LCMC church, I would know what to do, I would find peeps like me.  I would know the prayers and the songs.

We have been outside Chicago for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS.  That is incredible for us!  And each year we have seen the birds on our wire change.  Some have stayed the whole time, we are constantly adding new, and some flew away but are coming back.  Some migrated and we have never seen them again.

The best part is all the different kinds of peeps.  So many different beliefs, so many different backgrounds, and so many different styles.  I love it.  I am learning so much from all of them.  I have discovered, I just like being gathered with Christians.  They sure are a great group to be with!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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