The Hospital


The Church is a Hospital by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Where do we go when we need “fixed?”

When our body has weakened to a point it needs specific attention we head to a doctor’s office or when it is really bad, the hospital.  We know we can’t cure the ailment on our own anymore and it is going to require the medical knowledge of a doctor or nurse.

So where do we go when our soul needs “fixed?”  CHURCH is where we should  go.  Too often I think that people think church buildings are museums, and full of perfect people and they choose to go where they perceive more broken people are:  places where they can find alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling.  Places that have things that don’t heal the sick soul but just deaden it.  When what they really need is a soul overhaul, operation, whatever, to scrape out the infection of sin and restore health.

I don’t know about you, but I am BROKEN.  My soul needs constant fixing.  I am like that pesky car that always needs to go in for a tune-up.  That sick kid at the school always on antibiotics.  I hope that when people see me at church, or headed there, or when they see me in a class, or in this blog that they don’t see someone “good”, but someone in constant need of prayer, confession, and healing.  I need me some Jesus medicine!

That is why I take my daily dose of Bible time, listen to Christian music, paint for Jesus, pray constantly.  I take my thyroid and crazy lady/happy pills daily for my body.  Why wouldn’t I take my soul meds too????  I mean that is a big ole duh!

You know what…how cool would it be if we could have Jesus in a little oxygen tank we drag around??  I know that sounds silly, but really!  Breathe Him in, everyone sees our need and broken-ness, we have to think about it constantly, everyone sees we are turning to the right healing.  I like this idea!

I know.  Crazy.  I better make sure I take my meds:  body and soul.  🙂  How about you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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