House of Prayer


Isaiah 56:7 House of Prayer by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

Let’s pray today:

  • that people will realize that churches are full of broken, real people
  • that we are all in search of daily soul healing
  • that more people will realize that they can find healing in churches
  • and that more Christians will be accepting of their own faults, and allow more who need healing in their midst
  • that Christ will lead those people in the church:  those in charge and those who are following
  • that churches will be visible cornerstones of communities not closed off buildings
  • that our homes will be filled with prayers to you Jesus and be focused on coming closer in relationship with you and your babies
  • for all people of this world:  those in governments with peace, those with governments in chaos
  • for all the people of this world who are healthy and those in need of healing
  • for those people who do not have homes, and that those who have them will be grateful for all they have

In your name Jesus….all God’s people said….AMEN!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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