Holy Spirit


Link to : Francesca Battistelli’s “Holy Spirit”

This song gives me CHILLS.  Every time.

Friday September 18th I was headed to my first big class–and teaching acrylic painting.  A little outside my comfort zone. And sharing my story–totally inside my zone.  LOL    It was crazy raining, I was running late, I was getting nervous and worried.

Then this came on the radio.

I already planned that I was going to open the class by holding our hands open and calling on the Spirit to fill us that night.  But at this moment, it was like God was reminding me in the sweetest, gentlest way–this is about calling on Him, on the Spirit.  As long as I did that God would take care of the class, He would carry every woman through the night, He would fill my words and teaching.

He did.  He changed the atmosphere.  I called on Jesus right there in the car and then we opened with that prayer.  I instantly felt His calm fill me, and the joy of worshiping fill me.

Ah, yes.  This is what deciding is all about dear friends.  When we ask, we receive.  Thanks be to God.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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