A weapon of love


Have you ever felt like you used Christianity as a weapon?  We do.  Sometimes unfortunately we use it to defend ourselves in ways we shouldn’t, we use shouting and repeating to try and spread the message.  But when we use truth, peace, and salvation in ways that apply action to our each and every day, God’s word can truly affect every little minute of every hour.  If we walked and talked in peace, gave away grace and salvation, and lived the truth of love like Jesus–all actions–can you imagine how close to Jesus we would feel?  I think we wouldn’t even really care about what other people thought or how they acted any more.  True?

I read a facebook post today from a woman who had dealt with someone extremely rude–and she chose to thank them for giving her the opportunity to give grace and show love.  Ahhhh, yes, that is how we should use our Christianity to defend ourselves.

This way we can use joyous shouting of jubiliation to celebrate that we can stay fortified in God and victorious in salvation.  Yes,  this is what we should do.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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