Beauty Begins


The moment we not only believe that He loves us but that God finds us beautiful is moment that His light starts shining through us.

For me–it is the moment that I accept He created me to be ME–not like anyone else.  And I can be comfortable and confident in that.

Confidence, comfort, joy –those are all desirable qualities–ones that draw others in.  There are so many “societal” and “cultural” ideas of beauty–but not everyone is drawn to the same things.  And often if the insides don’t match the outsides it doesn’t matter anyway.  God created different forms of beauty and different people to be drawn to those differences.  Just because a magazine shows one thing, doesn’t mean it is the rule!  I have struggled with having a body that would never show up in an ad, but my husband, kids and family seem to like looking at me just fine–short and curvy is okay in real life.  Short dark hair is beautiful.

So be concerned with your beauty, inner and outer–accept and embrace it and watch what happens.  The confidence that follows will draw more onlookers than you will ever imagine.  And God will be more proud of you than ever for giving credit to His design skills.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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