Let the Beautiful Out


Then the final step is letting all that beauty spill out on those around us.  What good does it do bottled up?  Like my art–at first I hoarded my journals and closed up my art and put it on a shelf.  But when I released all that color and started spilling it onto Facebook and Etsy and the blog–that beauty started flooding all over the place–and ya’ll blessed me right back.  And then my confidence grew.  And my light shined brighter and I felt God filling me with more beauty.  See how that happens?

How can you spill your beauty this weekend?  Through food, music, art, cleaning, flowers, gifts, listening, speaking, running…..?  There are so many beautiful moments in each and every minute.

Sometimes all it takes to spill the beauty is to notice it.  To open our eyes and see it.  To own it.  And then to share it with others.  God is constantly filling us with beauty. He is constantly filling the world with beauty.  May we all be blessed by its presence.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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