Storm #2


Remember that storm the other day that we told it to GIT!  and we handed over to God?  Hopefully this is what happened.  God takes those big storms and He can clear them right up, take those loud noisy winds and quiet them to a whisper.

Have you ever seen a storm like that?  The sky is crazy black and purple, swollen with clouds.  The wind blows dangerously hard, and then before you know it, it is gone.  The sky reveals a bright blue swath clear of clouds and white.

Now—it doesn’t mean the wind won’t turn again.  Or that maybe some damage didn’t happen.  But it does mean that God took control of it.  He is in providing mode.  We are in trusting mode.  We are in the moment, taking care of what matters now.  And all other things quiet.

And then we can hear God whispering to us of His love.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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